What is "PRI-SONAYE"?

"PRI-SONAYE"(Marine Nakamura × Wazigen Sizukuya) is a new Japanese style clothing brand.

"PRI-SONAYE" proposes a new women's style "HAKAMA-SHIKI" (hakama style) which can be worn on a daily basis by adding western clothing elements to a kimono.

Let's cause a stir in the Japan fashion world!

"PRI-SONAYE" means to prepare and to glam up to look pretty, just like a "Prince" or "Princess". 

Who is "Marine Nakamura"?

Marine Nakamura, Ph.D.

Producer and Promoter of "PRI-SONAYE".
Visiting Professor, iU


Born on August 17th, 1988. Graduated from Educational foundation electron school Japan Electronics College. Received a Ph.D. in Media Design from Keio University. Producing digital picture books for children to enjoy on tablets and smartphones, conducting production workshops and giving lectures at universities since 2011.
Launched the Japanese style brand "PRI-SONAYE" in 2017. Working as a producer and promoter.

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